About Joy Silver


Joy Silver has 30 years of hands-on experience in executive management, healthcare, affordable housing, senior living, community planning and business and economic development.



Joy currently serves as Regional Director of Southern California for an affordable housing developer that has delivered needed services to thousands of low-income individuals and families. She founded and managed a senior living community and became a California state licensed senior care administrator. Prior to moving west, she was Chief Strategy Officer of a New York City medical center, where she led a team of medical professionals and support staff in providing quality comprehensive care to more than 40,000 patients each year, serving hundreds of thousands.

As a champion of emerging businesses in multicultural communities, Joy has the practical experience to get things done.

She is a diplomatic problem-solver who can analyze difficult situations and work together with community leaders and citizens to create viable solutions. She can be counted on to consider the environmental, financial and social impact of any legislative proposals.

Joy is a member of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce, the Desert Business Association, and the American Society on Aging. She is active in Lift To Rise, a community action network to increase affordable housing for the Coachella Valley.

She also served on the L-Fund of Palm Springs, on the PALS Palm Springs steering committee, and was Chair of the Steinway Society of Riverside County’s Wellness Committee, offering quality arts education to children throughout the Inland Empire.

Joy grew up in Philadelphia, in a working-class family, where both her mother and father were detectives. She attended public schools and earned her BA from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. She is dedicated to making sure that other families have access to quality public schools and higher education, equal career opportunities, and the economic security to raise a family and pursue their dreams. After a career that led her to understand many diverse cultures in various urban and suburban communities, Joy now lives in Palm Springs with her partner Atma Wiseman.

In her spare time, Joy enjoys reading to preschool-aged children at Martha’s Village & Kitchen in Indio.